The Cutest Bases! | Minecraft Base Invaders Challenge

24. Lis 2019.
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We came up with a cool Minecraft challenge game called Base Invaders! The aim of the game is to build the best base ever to protect your skull inside. Your base can contain traps, secret entrances, puzzles, parkour, red herrings and more! Then it's time to raid the bases that we have each built, with a 5 minute time limit. How many of the heads can we collect?!
This time we are building cute bases!

  • "A Gremlin Has Appeared!" Joel: FirstYouRaidMyKingdomCraftBaseThenYouTakeMyStuffThenYouStealMyLastNameAndNowYourInsultingMeIfIDidntLoveYou-

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    • Lolol

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    • @Maddy Rose That was my favorite part of it

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    • Lol😂

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    • Just to say all there bases are cute and I love your base and I love your videos!

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  • Is it just me but when I go through lizzes vids I know how old it is by her intros

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  • Omg

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  • Oh my God Aphmau is with you

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  • When will this come back?

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  • Uhhhhhhhhhh that’s good buildings?

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  • Does lizzie read her comments...? By the way if you know how to make a nice base reply and tell meehhhhhh!

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  • I got blink becease i see to many colours i cant see* i actully am not good at looking it gets blury so i need glasses* jk but i do have glasses

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  • When Lizzie says what is it cupcake Me be like savage alert cat rude

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  • “Now it’s time to get in there and steal each other’s skulls” Me: “escusy wa-“

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  • Hey LDShadowLady I steal your mansion the barbie mansion on Minecraft

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  • I love aphum

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  • For your next Base invaders U should make a circus theme it would be good and interesting but U should not make it the same shape as your circus video.

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  • Hi ld showdolady I’m making you a winter house

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  • have you made a map for us to download and play?

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  • ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💌💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💟❣🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♀️🧝🏽‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️

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  • Ohh my godnes Holeshepamoli de Shep is going crazy Apmua vas my favrout

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  • Lizzie: a skinny bridge for a skinny horse Me: it’s not skinny it’s not g0t skin

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  • lizzie you are probably the most talented and kind human being on earth

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  • 14:03 Headphone user(like me)BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • GOOD

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  • 3:20 HER SCREAM 😂✋

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  • The bases are soo adorable from the outside

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  • Aphmau’s base clearly da besy

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  • I’m subscribed to afMaw

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  • Amazing if they watched this before going in lolllll nightmare lo

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  • Can some one pls tell me her resource pack 🤩💖

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  • Alphmau !!

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  • Other people: I watch videos from this year:) Me: I watch videos from years ago.:)

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  • *lol* I *would’ve* been *meaner* and made the *parkour* _harder_ *xDDD*

    ᥊ ꫝ᥊ꪀꫀꪗ ᥇᥊ꪀꪀꪗ ᥊᥊ ꫝ᥊ꪀꫀꪗ ᥇᥊ꪀꪀꪗ ᥊Prije mjesec
  • Hi im nitas kid and i have minecraft and my best world has a wall that has your head and it says LDShadowLady is my faveret youtube

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  • Lizzie: Aphmau! Aphmau:Hi!!!

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  • I don't know you know all my favorite minecratf yt and they your friends

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  • I think for the next base invaders u should make a doge ik it’s so random .-.

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  • I love you

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  • Hello my name is ?????? Ok I just want to say I’m in love with you

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  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Lizzie - “What happens if u get on the llama?” Also Lizzie - “AGHAHAGHXUSHS”

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  • By seeing aph and I freands make me wanna watch aphs videos now🥳

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  • Lizzie: I’m Gunna make this easy so they don’t hate me Also Lizzie: *creates a deadly parkour challenge and kills everyone who tries it*

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  • this might be my favorite base invader yet! its all my favorite youtubers!

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  • Lauren: this is a AREA 51 BASE!!! Lizzie: right then I'm gonna Naruto run in----------

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  • Ldshadow youse the guardian that can attack player they cant misst and youse redstone password about 10

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  • 🤗

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  • I love you Lizzie 💗💜💖❤️

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  • you have Aphmau in these video!?!?

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  • lizzie: now its time to steal each other's skulls viewers: uhh... 7:00

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  • :3

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  • When they revealed Jess’s base, my first words were “Of course.” my reply is true.... true.

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  • You can just get off the horse for the part that’s only one block wide

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  • I subscribed to aphmau (aphmau's name is jessie

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  • lizzie

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  • When they revealed Jess’s base, my first words were “Of course.” 😂

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  • aphmal

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  • Did anyone hear Lizzie say "Look at him Gogh!" instead of "Look at him go!"

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  • Aphmau hai

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  • Thank you for copying my idea

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  • Lizzie: witch is not to difficult. (Misses)

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  • Did anyone notice the skeleton in the top of the petal of the sunflower😂

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  • Who is “quake

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  • aphmau :3

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  • well umm im bad at mincraft sooo hehe

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  • Do you have any mods

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    • They don’t use any mods in this series, they do use shaders tho

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  • Im a fan of lauren to os that ok😑

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  • Yay you finally play with aphmou you and aphmou is my favourite you tubers

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  • Im a fan of aphmau is that ok.....😣

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  • Nice

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  • Aphmau earphones with Brianna you're friends with Brianna right you and Brianna and Lizzy are my three favorite HRworldrs all right girls

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  • What comeputer are you on

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  • 6:25 what lizzie just said was so funny! 🤣🤣

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  • Lizzie: Oh there's a presher PATE here. Me: Oh there's a presher PLLLLATE. Oh and if I spelled something wrong don't judge pls.

  • lf Lizzy and Jool ever have a kid. Lizzy what would we name him. Jool jeeme

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  • This video reminds me of rick and morty

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  • Was that aphmau

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  • lol i love how joel just comes in the girl vid lol

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  • aphmau is my favorite HRworld or

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  • 3:42

    hi its rhiannonhi its rhiannonPrije 3 mjeseci
  • OMG aphmu

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  • omg my two best youtuber are friends aphua and lizze

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  • Zeno else noticed that the time traveling thing was the Sam time machine from Enchanted oasis

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  • Ho are u so good at Minecraft!!! How!!!😦😦😦😦😕😦😦😦😦😦😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

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  • You sound a little like yammy

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  • Ask mom didn’t even get one of the schools I think he got one I just want her video I don’t really remember it now

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  • I love your videos but I think Apple ones are good to please make more videos

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  • Lizzie: ITS SO CUTEEEE..... what is it?

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  • 0:29

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  • Why did joel appear?

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  • APHMAU!!

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  • Tell Aphmau I love her Channel!

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  • Aphmau!

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  • LDShadowLady showing everyone :0 ITS APHMAUU AKA JESS

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  • The crazy Lama you know that was funny

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  • You should do a Disney princess themed base next time Lizzie all my likes mean thay want it to

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