Strange Conspiracy Time! | Ep. 10 | Minecraft One Life 2.0

17. Pro 2018.
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Welcome to a new series of One Life! It is a modded multiplayer survival server with our friends on Ultra Hardcore mode.
One Life is a multiplayer whitelisted modded Minecraft server where all users have a UHC life system! That means no natural heart regen. To regenerate hearts players must use Potions or Golden Apples. Once a player dies, they can no longer play and must leave the server.
In this episode I uncover a strange conspiracy about the animals on the server and open a fairy horse breeding shop!
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  • Hey can you put me on Minecraft on on Street morning when you straightly wake up and can you like I don't know but can you put me on Minecraft on your thing too to be your friend I want to come off, onto your servers and see I swear I am not going to steal any of your paths I'm not a Steeler and a sticky team player do you want to see any of my skins well if you like me on I can show you but I don't know if I can wear any of my skins yet so it's going to take a little long and I'm a big fan I like my password is one Addison Addison so you can invite me on it's just Addison my normal name which is all right I have a little speaker box if you have a speaker box you should so I can actually hear if you alert because I can help you out lava and actually pro I'm a pro at this Minecraft guess what I built a big mansion in my Minecraft world and I was able to do it and I don't have the mod packs yet that you have but guess what my pack I have desert I can ship you one of anyone that I get any single mod pack ID I can send it to you I can show pictures of you put me on Facebook or anything I'm not doing it on Facebook but I'm going to let you know that I'm almost eight but I'm seven right now so make sure to invite me on first thing when you wake up

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  • I'm saying this really nicely the shop looks like a wizard

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  • It Scott

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  • she sounded like mcgonaggal when she said bear almost died

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  • Uhhh......What is naked cow? I still don't understand what is it.

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  • Hey lizzie! You should ask for pets in your crafting table shop🐩🐈🐕🐇🐢🐑🐺🐓🐀🐄🐼🐟🐌🐝

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  • What happened when there's a mod that shears unicor hahahhaja

  • they will just fly over

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  • Did you say kids

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  • Plz name a pet ZooLoo plz!

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  • Oh no your Cows

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  • plot twist (or prediction): The person who did the prank knew Lizzie would set a trap so they watched the video!

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  • So build She stack Most importantly she play minecraft

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  • And then there’s Joey stealing ur fairy horse when he can just order one.

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  • Is it just me or at the start at the video when ldshadowlady takes off it looks like the horse I pooping?

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  • And all so it was wierd when the to horses married and had ( sex ) also this is Indigo again

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  • OMG seriously my name is Indigo isn’t that cool 😎 by the way I’m a huge fan. I’m 9 years old but when I’m on HRworld I always end up watching you ( ok 👌 that sounds weird) but anyway you’re amazing 😍 and yeah yyyyyooooouuuuurrrrrr aaaawwsome

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  • Lol the caption says shovel when Lizzie said shubble o.o

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  • Liziie i think its stacie because stacie shear a feew polar bare in hur episode 2 or 1

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  • The great Travel 🧭 of jytfbhygrbthy Adreggyhvrw Bodhgaya f stytdmugkyiuhj

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  • “Bear what are you doing!?” Me: what? You just made him do it!

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  • I dare you to bring of you friend because Yarwood were you then when I was in your server because I have no money but I will kill them as they're so I'll give you any stuff I wanted ok

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  • Alternate title: accusing my friends of Taking my cows flesh

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  • The cow looks like strawberry cow

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  • It’s scoot

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  • Tell Zodiac that i will get the mo'creatures mod pack and get a dark blue fairy horse and name it Zodiac

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  • WHAT I DONT KNOW There is naked animals in Minecraft?!

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  • It h Just me who heard Vixellas intro in the back at the begging??

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  • Cbk is it because I know what because he is one of them I

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  • Make a naked animal shelter to comfort the hairless animals

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  • Hey ldshadolaty have another build battle and make a lame build sorry I spelled your name wrong.

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  • "8:10" Lizzie:*diciding if i like it* yeeeeees? me -------- OMG Lizzie!Make up ur mind --------- Lizzie No. ----------------

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