Oopsie my bad | Ep. 11 | KingdomCraft

15. Sij 2020.
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Welcome to a new series called KingdomCraft Factions! A Minecraft 1.13.1 adventure with my friends.
This is our take on the classic factions we minecrafters all know and love. The server is split into different Kingdoms, we each get assigned a Kingdom randomly. We must make money, gain power and claim land to build our factions. Sorry but it's a white-listed server!
Plugins used: Massivecore Factions, QuestCreator, LootChest, Citizens, Shop.
This episode, the league of villains must take action after an intruders destroy the league of villains headquarters.
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Lizzie: hrworld.info
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Meghan: hrworld.info
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  • Hi oh yeah

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  • Who else is here in 2021 and is missing this series...I know I do.

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  • Ok

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  • Lol

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  • *Me watching this* Lizzy: League of villains! Me:Wait... Mha alert

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  • I like it you used a gum ball

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  • I love The League Of Villains 👏🏻😭

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  • Couldn't she just take the shulker boxes and then use them in her house

    Dora The ExplorerDora The ExplorerPrije 7 dana
  • What have we learned from shadowcraft, shadow cadets? Never have pets in a server.

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  • The "LOV" from My hero academia reminds me of the LOV here

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  • No the base

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  • No one: Lizzie: rest in sphagetti never forgetti Me: I respect u 😏

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  • Is it me Jesus mehmehmeh

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  • At 2:30 if it was that easy during one life

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  • Omg remember you posted this so he knows it was you guys

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  • 0:01 oOh sOmE DeSpAwNeD

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  • 3:05 oli said weee

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  • Queen

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  • I love that Lizzie just casually showed Joel and Ollie the creepy doors from her room to theirs with no reaction- 👁👄👁

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  • no one: littrealy no one: ollie in the last ep: OHhH

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  • Does anybody else find that kind of funny that we get the names abbreviated could be lov and lov + e is love XD

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  • Rest in spagetti...never forgetii.

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  • No one: Lizzie's edits: Rest in spagetti never forgetti

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  • Yes girl girl girl

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  • Nope

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  • Lizzie:I am gonna drown! Me:did you forget you have Aquaman enchantment Soo you can breath underwater?

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  • who is still whaching this in 2020 because off flipping covid lol

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  • VILLIANS ASSEMBLE, is this an avengers reference

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  • Wait Joel is you’re Enemy why did you ask to be in The club XD

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  • Dont forget it is bad if you die in factions die in factions...

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  • Hi Lizzie I love Kingdom Craft

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  • Lizzie: DONT MESS WITH THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS Me: *mha flashbacks intensify*

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  • "rest in spaghetti, we'll never forgetti you." - lizzie 2020

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  • 💕

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  • LDshadowlady:Thanks for the idea scott Me:Thanks for the idea Lizzie

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  • Poop you I whanted to take the dragon hear

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  • How about turn him until kill him open over and over again until he never wants to mess with you again

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  • 0:36 I know what Scott “took” from Joel’s bedroom. He put red carpet in the middle of the green carpet (doesn’t really classify as stealing. It’s more like griefing)

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  • i like 1;58

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  • *epilepsy warning*

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  • is it me jesus played over and over like we didn't hear the first time

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  • WHEN lizzy exploded it there was gold

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  • I mean I'm not suprised Lizzie is a god lol

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  • OMG!

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  • Post post post

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  • Rest in spaghetti never forgetti

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  • Wow

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  • lol did you notice Ollies head was in the head room.

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  • Lizzie: The Legendary Living TNT Block. Legends says that Lizzie, also known as The Ice Queen and ruler of the Alpine Kingdom, completed the near impossible quest of collecting every mobhead in the Kingdomcraft server. After risking and sacrificing her life multiple times, the bravely completed her quest and got a mythical book of enchantement as a reward, which allegedly made it possible for Lizzie o create major explosion if anyone succeeded to murder her. These explosion wer so large and lethal that her assasain oftenly ended up paying a high price for setting foot with bad intents near the Ice Queen. What does this legend teach us, you may ask? It teaches you not to fuck with Ms. Shadowlady if she has chestplates that go kaboom boom. Boom, minecraft legend right there, peeps.

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  • I guess those parents symbolizes peace and war the blue one piece in the red one War

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  • hey

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  • Nnnmmmmm

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  • I miss kingdom craft it was a good series

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  • "Im sorry we've been allies for so long.."

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  • Poor dragon:(

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  • Dragon Nooooooo

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  • 8:58 can someone tell me what group that is?!?

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  • She watches my hero yay

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  • When she clipped then they despawned

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  • No😡😠

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  • Do uou know blackpink

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  • «Sounds kinda broken but ok im in to it»

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  • 10:00 gOaLs

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  • "Rest in spaghetti never forgetti" -Lizzie for the rest of her life

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  • Lizzy: we are the league of villains. Mha: no we are >:(

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  • 0:45 oli says oh 1:43 exploding chestplate

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  • “Pickey miney” im so dead 🤣😂

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  • I cant bring my mushroom

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  • This is my favorite episode of kingdomcraft!

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  • Do a cute room not a normol for your room

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  • mac uno coler chalench peaz

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  • 1:58 you look LEXI LORE THAT WAY!😂

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  • “Rest in spaghetti” “Never forgetti” -lizzie 2019

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  • Rest in spaghetti Never forgetti... 😔

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  • ℋ𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑜 ℒ𝒹𝓈𝒽𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓌𝓁𝒶𝒹𝓎

    •ᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ʟᴜɴᴀ ᴍᴏᴏɴ••ᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ʟᴜɴᴀ ᴍᴏᴏɴ•Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Say daaaaaaaaab if you love lizzy

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  • Lizzie is like scar from lion king, and Ollie and Joel are like the hyena sidekicks

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  • Was that thanos from avengers endgame Lizzie?

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  • On Minecraft I saw this mysterious animal and I want you to check it out and that lives in the nether

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  • I watched this 6 times no lies🤪🤪🤪

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  • Is it me Jesus that’s so funny 😆

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  • No

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  • At 1:43 hahahahaha what the hell lezzie im gettin sleepy and suddenly wakes up with that thing hahahahahaha

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  • “Rest in spaghetti never forgetii” LMAO rlly dat what ur going with!? I mean I like it pun are bad and- My. Sister. Wrote. This. Rest in spaghetti never forgetii me- it’s at 1:17 btw :D

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  • shitting myself over the nature reference 😭😭 didn't know lizzie was a leaf 🤨

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  • scott :takes a few thing lizze :i am about to end this mans coreer

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  • "ReSt iN sPaGhETtI, nEvEr FoRgEtTi" lolololol why am I such a humor-challeneged dork

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  • The league of villians is from an anime

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  • I serve vengeance

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  • you are the awesome player in the world

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  • I saw gold!!!😎

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  • i love how scott and lizzie raided joels base, and now oli, lizzie, and joel are raiding scotts base

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  • Stop now to you are so ugly

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  • after seeing ur explozing chestplate i can't stop laughing

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  • League Of Villains: *blows up literally everything* Me:That's me when I'm mad :/

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  • ⚠️ Epilepsy warning ⚠️

    Draco malfoy is hawtDraco malfoy is hawtPrije 3 mjeseci