I Went Undercover and Made a Gacha Story for YouTubers to React to...

6. Srp 2019.
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This video is so weird, I'm sorry. I decided to play a prank on my youtuber friends by secretly creating an undercover youtube account. So I wrote a weird Gacha Life Mini Movie, then tried to get my friends to react to my gacha story!
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  • No offence to gaming mermaid and her fans but I prefer to watch gacha videos with out voices seeing as I rarely watch voice acted ones, so I think she is quite annoying but to others who don't my sincerest apologies.

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    • PS: I have been a fan for years and I love your content, I re-watch most of your videos all the time keep up the amazing work lizzie :)

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  • how to multiply fractions- 1) find a common denominator 2) multiply the 2 numerators 3) put the new numerator on top of your common denominator Example 4/5 x 2/3 5x3=15 4x2=8 Answer-8/15 There you all go you learned some math today

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