Dark Magic | Sims 4 Supernatural Secrets | Ep. 1

1. Lis 2018.
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Welcome to a new Sims 4 mini-series called Supernatural Secrets. Let's get spooky this month with a Spooktacular Sims Challenge.
Meet Eva and Maddie, two girls that want to become supernatural. Eva desperately wants to be a vampire and Maddie dreams of being a powerful witch.
Today we're doing some house hunting and and a spooky home make-over. Maddie takes her first lesson in Witchcraft and Eva researches how to become a vampire.
If you’d like to try this Supernatural Secret Challenge for yourself you can follow these rules:
• Create a Sim that will become a Vampire
• Move the Sim into a fixer-upper home from the gallery.
• Renovate the rundown home after moving in.
• Get a Vampire to turn your Sim into a vampire.
• Move a non-supernatural room-mate into your home.
• Become the best vampire without your room-mate noticing.
*Witch is optional as it uses the Sorcerer mod, same rules apply but run a witch sim alongside or instead of the vampire sim.

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  • This actually sparked an idea for a GLMV (well its GCMV actually)... Maxine is your typical, normal, teenage girl. Well, aside from the fact that she has magic sent to Earth from a demon realm. Ok, ok, let me back up. Maxine came to Lake Heartland High School but, there’s something...off about her. She’s shy, a bookworm, and loves reading fantasy novels, especially the Good Witch Azura (taken from Owl House lol couldn’t resist). She meets two kids, Coco, and Winnie. She also meets Ember, the school’s head mean girl, alongside her lackeys, Missy and Cassie. The trio keep annoying and being mean to Max all day. At lunch, she finally snaps, floating into the air, a dark, shadowy aura surrounding her, her eyes glowing red. Coco and Winnie bring her to her senses, and Winnie casts an illusion spell on everyone in the lunchroom, so they forget. They hide out in the bathroom, where Max is trying to figure out what just happened. The answer is simple, Coco explains...she’s a witch! But that’s not the coolest part. After all, Coco is secretly a werewolf! And Winnie? She’s a fairy! They received their powers to save the realm where the magic came from. So, they created the Supernatural Secrets Club, to figure out what to do. They needed a powerful witch like Max to help them. But, while they search for a way to fix things, Ember isn’t totally convinced something isn’t up, even after Winnie’s spell. Will the Supernatural Secrets Club save the magical realm? Or will Ember and her hench-gals expose them?! What do you think?

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  • The funny thing is that, that Caleb guy that doesn't know much about vampires... Is a vampire XD and a master one at that

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  • sorry i tired to watch.. never watched any of your videos before.. but i just can't get into this with your voice. Great video otherwise though!

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  • if u go to 0:01 that say im scard of my sims

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  • Me whos watching this in 2021:Lizzie:so we have to get a smol house bc we dont have enough money to buy a mansion Me:sees the thing loading -sees funds-also me:what are funds? -finishes loading- money: 40,00000 dollars Me:O00H those are funds

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  • Taht fact that the ava girl at the start was stretching while Maddie was being POSSESED

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  • I Like That The Vampires Room Is Pink Even Though Vampires HATE Bright Colors And Daylight

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  • “Why is there tree fridges” Also Lizzie:”you can never have to many fridges”

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  • It's funny that there's a character named Maddie, and Lizzie sister is also called Maddie 😂

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  • Lol my name is Eva😅

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  • Hi,LDShadowLady,my name is sunny and I'm a big fan, can I ask you a question what kind of which will you be ?

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  • Caleb was actually a vampire ahaha

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